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How to write

Life is ironic. I always thought i was good at expressing myself in the written form.

My stories always made school displays and my weekly stories written during lunchtimes always had friends interested.

I guess the writing was on the wall (sic) when my uni proffesor remarked 'you have an interesting style. Very colloquial.' i took it as a compliment.

My brother, bless him, saw otherwise. Since my very first email to him in 92 he wrote 'be clear formal and precise on your emails'.

Again i took no notice. I liked my style it was a representation of how i spoke and felt.

Then more recently i read the stories you all wrote. Crucifer blew me away. What prose!

Now i find myself frustrated and struggling - more likely struggling and hence frustrated.

My job requires me to write high level docs.

The simple truth is it is doing my head in.

I have been on two report writing courses. Love the funnel technique. Love mind maps to define the flow. But can i do this under pressure? No.

My ultimate boss is a super achiever. He writes beautifully. He hates those who dont.


I went so far as downloading online courses.

Nothing is helping.

I need help.

How can i businessify my style? Aargh the pain.

Books, techniques and inspiration welcome.

In frustrationato,



  1. Blogger Aravis says @ 6:28 pm
    How about this:

    When you have to write a report, do so initially as you normally would. Then think about how your boss would write it. Pretend, for the moment, that you are not you but rather someone else, and re-write as they would. You'll be getting your own ideas on paper and out of your head, and then can try to tidy it up as if you were your boss, or whomever. Play act.

    Hope this helps.
  2. Blogger Crucifer says @ 10:14 am
    Fictional and Factual writing are two different things. I find myself struggling to make sharp, succinct points with Factual writing, and I sincerely believe that EGHS did not prepare us for this style of writing.

    As for fiction, all the credit goes to Mr. Pass, English Teacher Extraordinaire.

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