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Been a while since i posted. A fair few things are progressing.

We now have a megaflo hot water system. This lets our guests enjoy a power shower in the main bathroom. Nice.

Grass is growing well in the garden. New seed has really taken.

Work is ok i guess. Dont want to talk about it here.

The world? Well isnt it just getting more messed up? I am sorry but i dont want public money used to prop up private ventures. So whata with northern rock bail out?

Listen, if you value your money why dont you demand that your bank be ethical and safe?

Greed. Thats what got it to its state, and now all millionaire risk takers will take more risk. Poor old you will bail them of responsibility.

Sometimes it would be better to be dominated by aliens. Its worse when we do it to ourselves no?

Ending on a happier note. India world champions in 2020 cricket.



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