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Here Goes

Ok, i return, and i return with purpose.

far too long have i watched what goes on, and thought endlessly about it.

time to get it off my mind.

like the thought of new housing. have you noticed that a significant
percentage of new buid houses are one and two bedroom flats or houses?
what impact will this have on society in ten to fifteen years time?
does this mean that our government has concluded that the family unit
beyond one child is extnct? does anyone believe that two parent
families are going to persist?

- look at the duplicity of
immigration. these persons arrive and largely begin working as income
here is better on returns. yet we hear an argument to limit 'their'
entry. 'they' take our jobs ad homes. which proud person would want to
do the jobs they do for the price they get? its not about xeno or
housing, its about money! figure it out.

- civil
liberty...regular readers know i care. but ask yourself 'what freedom
do you want, and what limitation will you tolerate?' example, freedom
to trial by jury - any ideas why this is important? example - if
detention went up to four months, why should you care if it was limited
to those with brown skin? freedom to vote for a person or party who
really doesnt understand you, only understands economy.

so many thoughts.

a word on governing. has Anyone ever tried to decipher how govt works?
My conclusion is that it is a business. increasingly it is becoming a
short range business. by this i mean shareholders are told of plans
that wet appetite for investment, but as attention spans shorten, newer
plans are announced to jazz up new interest. the agm is, u guessed,
every two years or so.

so please, think away.

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  1. Blogger Aravis says @ 6:04 pm
    Yes, I think of these things. I'll keep doing so, no fear.

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