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How we are dictating the future, today...

Have you ever stopped to think about how decisions today determine tomorrow?

We are so conditioned to enjoy today to its fullest (how many books have you seen or read that emphasise that?) that we make decisions that provide immediate or short term results at the cost of long term benefit. Some might say this is a result of a shareholder-type mentality where everything is an investment.

Lets look at something that I find dumb. House building in the UK. I should correct this and say 'property development', as the things being built fall far short of being Houses, let alone Homes!

So, how is the current property development boom detrimental to future of society? Well, what exactly is being built right now? A quick survey of new developments illustrates: Luxury 1 and 2 bedroom appartments - Luxury flats - Stylish 1 and 2 bedroom appartments. Great 2 bedroom houses. Luxury 3 bedroom homes.

Whats wrong with such luxurious, stylish and great developments? Well, lets remember these things: ASBO, teenage delinquents, lack of father figures, Impoliteness, Gun crime. Have you noticed how politicians are blaming these things on the family unit? Its somewhat a kop-out, but think about it. How on earth can a family unit survive in this era in a Luxury 1 or 2 bedroom appartment?

What I see happening is that the future is going to be populated with single serving units, where a family is basically a small thing. Now is this due to property development? Probably not, but tell me, when young families want to evolve, what can they do concerning their homes? I know, buy TWO luxury 1 and 2 bedroom appartments side by side and pretend its a home. Ah, THATS what they had in mind...

Q: Is the current property development strategy flawed in this aspect?


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