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Happy New Year - 2007

Happy New Year to all readers.

The Num Num shall return this year, with observations and thoughts.

To begin with, let us look towards the suspected cataclysm of 2012. What do you think? Is it time for an ice age? A huge flood again? Be sure to note that almost all ancient cultures have a flood myth, and that these seem to signify the end of a previous culture and beginning of the current one.

So ignoring the religious aspect of this (be sure to realise that none of these myths belonged to a religion, it was the religions that adopted them to probably authenticate their belief system), is there an element of truth in the previous flood - and will there be another, in 2012 - with climate change, ice age, polar shift, etc?

Thoughtful things to bear in mind when walking through life...for what is it but a series of steps we take, sometimes together?


  1. Blogger Aravis says @ 8:50 pm
    Happy New Year to you and Icy! :0)

    I believe in global warming and the disastrous effects we're facing. I have only to look out my window to see vibrantly green lawns and bicyclists riding by in Winter in New England to know that there's a climate shift. I've gone green to do my share, but it will take more than just myself to effect a change. With our new congress, I'm hoping that there will be a shift towards addressing global warming and what we can do about it once more.

    Polar bears are drowning, entire shelves of ice are breaking off of the polar ice caps and glaciers and lakes are disappearing, or gone. I hope this is the year my country finally takes some action!

    (but I somehow doubt it)
  2. Blogger Crucifer says @ 10:03 pm
    Let's see now.

    London had a mini tornado.

    New Zealand reported seeing an iceberg the size of 15 football pitches floating past them.

    Something similar happened in Canada.

    Temperatures have risen pretty much everywhere.

    I get the feeling someone in the far future is going to discover the Statue of Liberty on a beach somewhere...

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