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No 2 id

Spurred by the recent news articles suggesting that the id card system is fundamentally flawed i decided to ask my learned colleagues what they thought. These are intelligent persons who are the future corporate leaders of our currently free world. The result was unanimous. They all supported the idea. reasons against the card were not forthcoming. What was suprising was why they supported. These are them.
To stop the influx of illegal immigrants.
To stop benefit fraud.
To stop identity theft.
To prove you are who you are.
I asked whether there was any reticence about loss of freedom. The answer was no since it had nothing to do with it. Freedom is not impacted.
There you have it. The elite view of the situation.

just wait till every move and every investment is traced and every purchase validated by genetics for inland purposes. Maybe We'll see a slight change in opinion. About the privacy that is. We
all know that the cards will stop illegal activity, so thats good then.



  1. Blogger Crucifer says @ 9:38 pm
    Of course, all that will happen is that there will be two classes of people.

    One that have identity cards, and one that dont, that people will conveniently forget about and/or will try to not know about.

    Just as we have now illegal immigrants who manage to get through our very corrupt system, so will we have people who suddenly end up on our shores with no identity card, no paper trail and no state responsibility...

    you know, prostitutes, drug runners, that sort of thing.

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