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Success on planning

Sometimes i marvel at the ego of man. The desire to find worth in personal power and desire. The real beauty of civilisation is the ability to leave a more thoughtful People, a higher level of existence that is in tune with the foundation of life that is our planet, and a clear identification of what is considered taboo.

Instead we are a little too caught up in our own self destruction. We just don't call it that. We are happy calling it progress and the spread of freedom and civilisation. Makes you wonder if the dictionary is worth its salt in these days of spin.

finally a word on good wireless security at home. Don't have it. Recent thought has led me to conclude that an abundance of free to use wireless points at home and work would really change the dynamics of things. Rather than security i would urge vendors to create a class of service function that lets a home owner use 80 of the bandwidth at priority with the rest free and open to all.



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