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Todays observations are:
  • How many teachers made an impact on you? I have been very lucky that my teachers have been perfect for me (cept the network lecturer at uni) and have helped form an outlook that is pretty healthy.
  • Why are there so many SUV/4x4 vehicles around now - when they don't offer THAT much extra internal cabin space?
  • What has happened to the traditional office dress-down friday?
Political stories that have irked me:
  1. Blair and human rights
  2. Terror Laws
  3. Labour Lies
  4. Bliar civilisation

Have a great weekend!


  1. Blogger Aravis says @ 7:10 pm
    I don't know why people there drive the SUV's. I know that most people around here drive them because we live out in hilly country and receive a lot of snow or flooding, so it's nice to have a vehicle that can get you down off the mountain and home from work in one piece. There's also a sense of safety being in a vehicle that big, in case of accident. And they do provide more room for the kids, the groceries and the kitchen sink if needed, all while being much cooler than a mini-van.

    That being said, I drive a Jetta and don't have any problems with weather or storage. But then, I don't have children or the need to transport a sink. *G*

    We're seeing more and more hybrid SUV's here. I think the car companies needed to, because we're also seeing more and more SUV's for sale on the side of the road due to gas prices. ;0)

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