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Seat hogs

This mornings observation is about people who take up two seats and then get royally upset when someone asks to sit on the empty seat. Funny that.

Also, the fact that politics is not what it used to be, i mean would you trust prescot as leader? Where are the solid brains?

Isn't the weather odd these days. Hardly any settled snow. And more gray dull skies.



  1. Blogger changeofhart says @ 9:29 am
    drives me mad. people who sit on the outside seat when there is an empty one by the window. is the window seat dangerous and no one told me?? do they thing they'll never get out if they sit by the window?? tsk.

    politic related observation. as much as I like paxman, he's an arse sometimes. he lets pissing off politicians get in the way of decent journalism. last night on newsnight, they had the secretary for poultry or whatever bloody title they have, and he was saying 'do we have bird flu?'
    'there is no evidence to suggest we do'
    'but we could have?'
    'there is no evidence to suggest we have'
    'but we could have?'

    ad nauseum.

    thats not good journalism - its lazy points scoring off a junior minister who is undoubtedly trying their best in a potentially difficult situation.

    observation 2 - the UKTV reruns of Top Gear are a genius idea... :)

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