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This week is about observations. So feel free to join in.

have you noticed how people stand at the same place everyday for the train? and they get very upset if that place is taken.



  1. Blogger changeofhart says @ 9:24 am
    I'm one of those people, although I dont get annoyed if my place is taken. ok?!?!?! ;)

    my observations:

    1) people with video cameras repeatedly think that no one has ever filmed time lapse on commuters crossing london bridge. here's a scoop - they have. get that camera out of my way.

    2) when I wear certain colours, people walk into me. perhaps a brown jacket is invisible to the human eye when commuting.

    3) the first morning of a hangover is the worst. chase the hangover by drinking the following night, and I dont get another hangover. ace isnt it. tis the stuff alcoholics are made of.

    4) everyone is a novelist. at least, everyone used to be a novelist in waiting... everyone is going to write a book. now, it seems, photography is the new novel writing... everyone fancies themselves as a bit of an observational photographer. this seasons topic of choice: commuters. refer to observation 1). I blame canon. ;)
  2. Blogger B1RDIE Num Num says @ 12:17 pm
    C - Agreed with the tourist trap, but remember, one day we are all tourits ;-)

    I also get bumped now and then, I think its down to posture, sometimes the crowds part as I walk - usually when I'm lost in thought! Go figure.

    The digital camera revolution is FABULOUS - don't knock it, how many of us had an olympus om10? Yet how many of us have a 5mp+ camera capable of fantastic pics?

    Though I'd agree with you fully - I too stand at the same bloody spot - though after 2 years of it at Shall, I changed to the complete other end of the platform, and watched in glee as people got confused early in the morning...heheheheh

    More observations all week...
  3. Blogger Aravis says @ 6:43 am
    No commuter trains here, but I've noticed that in my weekly meetings people gravitate to the same chairs and are visibly put out if someone new takes their spot. *G*

    I love photography, but not so much of people. So chances are I'll never pester you during your commute. :0)

    New observation? Hm. Ever notice how the more something or someone is hyped, the likely it is to let you down? Lots of that at the Olympics for the US. Bode Miller and Lindsay Jacobellis come to mind. All I've heard for weeks now was how they were going to bring home the gold. Blah blah blah. Lindsay almost had it but got cocky and fell, and Miller hasn't medalled yet. So much for hype. I prefer the athletes one hears much less about. Can't tell you their names though. They're almost never mentioned... ;0)
  4. Blogger changeofhart says @ 9:24 am
    Aravis, you need to be british then. when it comes to any sport other than football (or Tennis when Wimbledon is on), the chances are that the public will never have heard of them.

    GB got silver for lying on a tea tray going down an ice chute, and no one had heard of her before - god bless her. now she is a minor celeb. winter olympics and GB are casual buddies at best... :)

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