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The Great Cappuccino Test

There's a lot to be said about a great tasting Coffee in the morning, and even more to be said about a fabulous Cappuccino to start the day.

So after some serious testing, The Num Num is proud to present The Great Cappuccino Test results. In reverse order (based on personal taste and London, UK trials over 6 months):

5. Costa £1.80 - awful. The coffee underneath tates foul and largely weak, and the capp turns out to be a latte - consistently! Avoid at all costs.

4. Starbucks £1.85 - for such a great brand, the capps on offer fall far short on the old taste tests. There's no bite to the coffee, you have to have an extra shot for that. On the plus side, the foam is fabulous, but the milk tastes horrid (even the semi skimmed variety), and you have to add your own chocolate afterwards - which means the lid becomes slightly cracked as you take it off and put it back on.

3. Pret-a-Manger £1.75 - a very fresh tasting capp, but sometimes marred by a horrific overload of milk and lack of chocolate sprinkles! Still, they do say the coffee is binned after a while, so its never stale.

2. Nero £1.80 - without a doubt, the finest tasting Capp that I've tasted on a regular basis - I do like Nero. However, it fails to reach the number one spot on the grounds that though there is a loyalty card, 10x20p = £2.00 for a free capp? Maths fails to add up on the price they offer it at.

1. AMT £1.65 - offers the greatest taste in the coffee, the subtle taste of milk, and the best chocolate sprinkles at the most amazing price. The 'booth' based nature of the outlet puts people off, but let me tell you, its the best Capp in town!

So there you have it, The Num Num recommends AMT for the best capp in town. You heard it here...


  1. Blogger Aravis says @ 10:00 pm
    Sadly, we only have Starbucks around here, and even then I have to drive an hour to get it. On the other hand, we have some pricey but tasty local coffee houses...
  2. Blogger Lord Bargain says @ 10:04 pm
    Starbucks Extra Hot Skinny Chai Tea Latte for me, please.

    The best lattes are out of those Coffee Nation machines that you get in motorway services. That's my threepenneth, for what it's worth....

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