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You eat when you are bored, and when hungry. You are more hungry when bored.

Another observation - people think its quite OK to provide illegible notes (aka scribbles) at work and expect you to decipher them and act accordingly. Isn't this similar to just mumbling or hiding the truth?

Time is our most precious resource, yet we waste it without realising just what we are doing...



  1. Blogger changeofhart says @ 5:01 pm
    oh a more lightl-hearted but related theme, do you work with doodlers?

    I work with one guy whose pad after a meeting resembles an intricate piece of celtic tattooing.

    another guy talks with pen and paper. by that I mean he talks to you, but has to reiterate what he is saying as he says it by drawing boxes, half writing the words he has said, and draws arrows and lines all of the page.

    freud would have a field day.

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