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Advise the num num

Anyone have any tips on New York City with regards to
  • Places to stay - 4* hotel etc (looking at Hilton, The W, Waldorf Astoria)
  • Things to see
    • Museums
    • Galleries
    • Monuments (Empire, Liberty etc.)
  • Places to eat (for Vegetarians)
  • Things to do
    • Ferries
    • Trips
    • etc.
Many many thanks in advance.


  1. Blogger Aravis says @ 7:28 pm
    Anywhere you stay in Manhattan will be outrageously expensive, and I'm not familiar with vegetarian restaurants there. I'm sure someone at the hotel will be able to recommend something if nobody here can.

    As for things to do and see...

    -The Metropolitan Museum of Art
    -The Museum of Natural History
    -The Museum of Modern Art (if you like this sort of thing)
    -The Cloisters
    -The Frick
    and so very many more museums and galleries, especially in SoHO. They come out of your ears there.

    -Central Park
    -Rockefeller Center
    -Times Square
    -Broadway shows and musicals
    -The UN Building has tours
    -Double-decker bus tours around Manhattan are also available
    -Grand Central Station. Even though I doubt you'll be taking a train anywhere, the architecture is beautiful and there's all sorts of wonderful shops, cafes and restaurants in there. Well worth a trip. You'll also find some terrific maps of Manhattan at the tourist booth located there, complete with dozens of recommendations and ideas! I grab one every time I head into the city. :0)
  2. Blogger Bee says @ 9:43 am
    Oh, man. If and when I ever get to visit New York City, I'll want to go to Teany, Moby's cafe. It sounds smart.

    Galleries? Really? Blimey. Or are you still trying to uphold the world record for fastest lap time? ;)

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