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What am i good at?

Thats a question that i've asked myself many times in the past. What exactly do i offer in my chosen career? It should be easy as scientifically my contribution is easy to measure in terms of the knowledge and designs i create. But i find that i am able to see softer signs and predict the results of these early. right now i am wondering what next for me. I've picked up a book i first read in 1998. It is a helping guide for those who feel stuck in career and life. Ironically i had pencilled in on the side margin the self same question- what am i good at? have you figured out what you are good at? Is it what you thought it would be? Are you doing what you are good at? Tough questions wouldn't you say?



  1. Blogger changeofhart says @ 10:03 am
    I think people like me and you do what comes easy. you are better at this merry go round than I, yet we are both as dis-satisfied as each other. I think there are very few people who do what they enjoy AND get the material benefits to go with it which gives them the lifestyle choices you and I want. Those people are very very lucky.

    or still asleep.
  2. Blogger B1RDIE Num Num says @ 1:31 pm
    Reminds me of what Dingers once said - work like an arse for 15 years, contract out, get loads of moolah, and then retire away to a quieter locale and enjoy a pleasant twilight.

    It would be good if between doing a good job and sleeping, there was such a thing as life!

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