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A weekend gone...a week awaits.

The first test of 2006 - am I dreading the return to work tomorrow? Answer: NO!

For some bizarre reason, the week Icy and I had off over Xmas allowed us to sort the house out and to basically get some more of a routine going that has helped us avoid the distress of work so far. I'm more relaxed about the current project, but thats more to do with the fact that I am focusing on why I'm going to work. I've got to pay back the loans for the house - and the income I'm using to do that is from work. So I am treating work as just that - an income. And I'm trying to sort out what I really want - which is more time to be a house-holder and to become stable like my Dad is with regards to money/happiness.

It helps that I have some good reading material to ground me - as my last post suggested. I'm also closely following the political fall out this year - such as this article that I read this morning over breakfast that may interest the Democratic Goddess. I sincerely hope that Labour in the Uk realise the following - Tony Blair's insistence to hang on and not organise a decent credible and strong succession plan for the party will harm the party - for instance, even though I am not prone to far right thinking, unless I am confident that Brown is a decent choice, I'm going to vote for the dark-side - because I cannot trust a party that doesn't put the interest of the country first but instead puts the interest of a bush-lap-dog first.

Oh, don't know if I've mentioned our fireplace, but we got it working over Xmas. We had a log fire going last night whilst we watched The Descent. Icy got so scared she had to go upstairs to bed. Bless. The film is worth watching, though it does have a couple of jumpy points, you largely end up not caring who lives or dies. Sorry, but a bunch of adrenalin junkies fighting for their lives is not an empathetic moment.



  1. Blogger Aravis says @ 5:41 am
    I'm glad that things are settling down and becoming more relaxing for you both at last. Sounds like you have some solid goals as well to work towards. :0)
  2. Blogger the urban fox says @ 8:12 pm
    Hey, that sounds good. Did you try any of the colour/scent options in the fire or was it a nice old skool orange flame?
  3. Blogger IcyChick says @ 11:02 am
    Foxy - I think Numnum tried cinnamon sticks but that is as far as we really got. Am thinking of trying somethings over the next week or so whilst the cold spell lasts so any suggestions are welcome. Numnum has definitely got the hang of lighting the fire and keeping it going. There is nothing nicer then a cuddle in front of a 'nice old skool orange flame' after a hard day's work.

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