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Got myself my first ear infection a week or so ago, so I ended up feeling dizzy and faint-headed and had no idea why! A trip to our new doctor and a diagnosis made (without any pills thank god).

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing the new BBC Weather forecasts brought to life by what I can only describe as (imho) the best Weatherperson I've ever seen! His name (i think) is Daniel Corbett (and I think this is his page), but basically he was able to make the most of the awful maps and the moving graphics, to add a lovely touch of humanism to the weather and a bit of humour too. Funny when you can only think of a weather presenter as useful news isn't it?

Reading newspapers is a bore, they only sensationalise now, and the writers are dumbing down, so is no longer a refreshing challenge to read them. I prefer (as I've said before) to read periodicals that have a higher quality of journalism, even though the news is out of date somewhat. Still, I've no need to be on the cusp of the wave of sensational news regarding Big Brother or Ruth Kelly, frankly - I don't give a damn. Both are unnecessary wastes of time.

I've completed reading about the IBM fiasco during WW2, and have begun on the more mundane things such as Agile Methodologies for project management. Its not as revelationary, though to finally see someone assume that a person doesn't work for 8 hours non-stop is a cause for joy! 5 hours of productiveness in an 8 hour day, sounds about right to me.

I've been reading others blogs, but I've had little time during work hours to leave comments, its getting a bit painful having to deal with some of the issues that are surfacing there. Still, I am able to leave it all behind on a nice train journey home - which I continue to remind myself is a hundred times better than the awful train journeys I used to take for 6 years previous.

Here's to a general awakening of common sense and happiness to all!


  1. Blogger Aravis says @ 11:41 pm
    Here's hoping that ear infections and work issues clear up nicely!

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