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Techno Quandry...

What is one to do when it becomes clear that parallels exist between current events and the information being read in a book such as IBM and the Holocaust?

I read with disappointment last night in Time magazine, that:

Slamming Its Doors on the World

As Iran confronts the West over nukes, its leaders are patrolling the Web to silence critics at home

I cannot unfortunatley post a link to the online article just yet, as its in the current issue and thus only for subscribers - but should you be able to find it then do please read it. Basically Iran is censoring its web access to such things as blogs and other 'infidel' type sites. This is not new news. China has been doing it for ages, and unfortunately what I am worried about is the happy feeling that western technology companies get when going along with the big sale and subsequent ramifications of that sale - ie selling lots of routers and firewalling and monitoring software to these governments for big bucks (see the parallel with the book above yet?)

Rather than go on about it anymore, if you are interested I urge you to read the following links, they delve deeper into it. But more importantly, I would like each and every executive of these great companies to pick up that book on the dangers of selling technology to a government that is using it for not so good purposes...think about it...punchcards for the census were actually punchcards for identification of innocent Jews for termination. This is not a game of dollars, its a game of LIFE!

These links are to individual articles on the named sites.

Do not forget - Yahoo! handed over data on one of its Members to Chinese government. Executives should take a long hard look at the future of the world they are building with every sale they celebrate with champagne and ferraris and massive condos etc. etc. etc... Did Watson have a concious or just care about the size of his wallet -- read the book and discover for yourself.

$ and £ != FREEDOM


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