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Save golden wonder

Bbc radio berkshire has a campaign to save the crisp maker Golden Wonder, after they announced bankruptcy. What will become of ringos, wheat crunchies and nik naks.



  1. Blogger the urban fox says @ 8:11 pm
    Nums, I might need to pick your technobrain for a second if you get any spare time. Have posted a mobile phone question on my blog, would be overjoyed if you or anyone could offer advice...!
  2. Blogger Jenni says @ 5:56 am
    Hmm, I am not familiar with Golden Wonder, and it seems I may never be. Sad.
  3. Blogger changeofhart says @ 2:20 pm

    no more nice n spicy nik naks? shurely shome mishtake?!?

    or wheat crunchies? The dieting womans favourite bad snack?

    whatever next? dogs n cats living together? total anarchy?
  4. Blogger SwissToni says @ 2:53 pm
    my life will be poorer without spicy tomato wheat crunchies in it. That much I do know.


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