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No id, no pogrom

The more i read into the book - ibm and the holocaust - the more i begin to fear the governments id card scheme. It appears the nazi government held census programmes that were used to feed the punch card machines from ibm. The data was then used to feed the evil pogroms. Our id card scheme will hold much the same information as the nazi ones and more. It could in theory be used to fuel eugenics or other such partisan program such as enforced deportation. I think the law lords must take a hard look at tony bush's plans for id cards lest we unleash an evil upon ourselves masked as a wolf in sheep clothing. And for gods sake dont outsource it to a company who is driven by profit alone. We'll all get screwed.



  1. Blogger Crucifer says @ 3:41 pm
    It all reminds me of the tag line for "V for Vendetta!"

    ..."People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people."

    Why is it that in our attempts to empower liberal ideals, we're moving more and more towards the Totalitarian state?
  2. Blogger Catnapping says @ 4:21 am
    The USA is also in the grips of fascism.

    If Bush and his henchmen are successful in rigging the next election, I pray that the UN will intercede, and save my country from the Nazis that have stolen it.

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