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A moment to think...

We should all take a moment to think - especially when embarking on serious ventures.

My post on Monday (below) relates to the case against IBM in relation to their part in the Nazi war effort. Looking at the text, which was part of a larger report requesting a subpeona against IBM to search their archives (denied of course by the cronies) I realised that it really is a sign of the capitalistic mind - money is far more important than the care and nurture of the human spirit.

Its not that I am against capitalism, or that I am a left wing loonie - I think I am more in favour of those in power taking the time to understand the scope and penetration of the results of their actions/decisions.

A case in point is the current ID Card scheme. Its no secret that I find the whole plot highly conspicuous, and it was providence that I should pick up the IBM book when I did. It rang alarm bells all over the shop for me, as collecting such vital and personal and detailed information on people is the beginning of being able to segregate and police them at a level never seen before (except during the said Nazi regimes). The way the government is pushing to implement this, via hush-hush plans to bring this in via a passport rather than ID card schem, thus confusing organisations such as Liberty and the ever so fickle media, is nothing short of machivellian.

I think its about time that I did what I can only do - vote with my X - this year I will no longer vote for the Tony Bush government. It is against my principles to vote for a me-me-me way of life, but the only signal I can think of sending to the government is to vote them out - and I PRAY that the civil service and ministries involved in the current ID scheme, suddenly get the balls under the new government to abolish all the plans thereof.

Besides, if Brown can't oust Blair now, he won't be able to do diddly later - its about backbone you see.

Support: Freedom, Liberty, Learning from our mistakes


  1. Blogger the urban fox says @ 10:46 am
    Totally agree about Brown. If he's just sat compliantly behind Blair for years, he's not going to dismantle any of Blair's lunatic ideas if and when he ever takes over.

    Agree also about the ID card scheme. What a waste of time and money, on top of all the civil liberties concerns. Madness.

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