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There have been mixes and dance tracks...

put together in the past.
But none can outrun or equal...the power of MEGABLAST!
ah ah ah ah yeah
Could I be wrong, could I be right, could that be kid of Dynamite!

Well folks, after much time away from the blog world, I decided to stick up a final post of the year.

Lots has gone on, not the least an attempted burglary on Monday night! Yep, some scallywags were out Xmas shopping in people's houses. I've gone on a knee-jerk reaction and have put up more alarm sensors (I've saturated the house) and will be doing even more!

Still at work today, a friday before Xmas, not exactly Xmasy is it?

But the train ride to work was fun. It was 5% capacity at the station, so I shared an entire carriage with 4 other people! Listening to my Zen NX - hence the Bomb The Bass snipped opener.

I've booked a half day today, to get myself out and a present for a good friend of mine. Not sure what to buy him to be honest, so will have to succomb to something rubbish like a remote control unit - boo.

Time to get one year older on New Years Eve, should be a nice day. I think Icy's been organising something. She's not good at keeping secrets in the house - I saw my birthday card, and a list of my friends and their telephone numbers on a pad. I'd like a quiet day at home, but will go with the flow as I love her so.

So, a final farewell to ye all, hope you all enjoy yourselves sensibly over the Xmas break. And heres to a wonderful new year for us all!

Merry Xmas


  1. Blogger the urban fox says @ 2:45 pm
    Happy Xmas, Nums & Icy. Hope you have a lovely one.
  2. Blogger Lord Bargain says @ 6:18 pm
    hey, hope you have a great time.

    Merry Christmas!
  3. Blogger Aravis says @ 10:22 pm
    Merry Christmas and a Happy Birthday to you, nums! :0)
  4. Blogger Jenni says @ 6:04 am
    Back atcha! I hope you and Icy have a lovely holiday.
  5. Blogger Jenni says @ 6:04 am
    Back atcha! I hope you and Icy have a lovely holiday.
  6. Blogger Jenni says @ 6:05 am
    hmm...seems to have posted twice, despite the fact that the first time I had a word verification error. I think your verification might have had too much eggnog.
  7. Blogger Aravis says @ 7:28 am
    Happy Birthday NumNum, and Happy New Year's to you both! :0)

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