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Oh my oh my. Thank heavens its friday. Though i made a mental note to not moan about work i must do it, to get it off my chest you know. Work, here goes, is a very big pain in the proverbial. I have had a really bad week. No, i have had a very bad three weeks. I have been working on budgetary stuff. But it is quick and fast budgetary stuff that is born from hard core technology infrastructure design. So there i am, small me, looking at a blank page knowing i have to fill it with a list of items that are capable of running a major financial institutes key system. The problem is that i had two weeks to list it and then price it and then present it. Problem is it is not accurate but the figures are going to be shown to the cio. Problem is i bet they are going to be the budget. Problem is that every man and his dog wants the prices sliced a different way. So there you have a succint definition of why i have been stressed and working like a dog. The best bit is that I've passed a set of figures to the senior partner. He ultimately has to trust me. The client are hard to fathom. I am undecided about them. Anyway its largely done and so i'm relieved. I don't know what i'm going to do this weekend. I am sure it will be a lot of nothing. My brain is exhausted. I have not had a moments rest at work. So bring on the weekend. We had our first dinner party on sunday. It was great but the cleaning was hard work. Looking forward to captain damo popping over. Waiting for ninny pinny to do likewise. Right other stuff. We need another car. Something safer for the motorway. I am amazed at the investigation of the failure to act on the hurricane response. That fellow was obscene. The mayor of london continues to bug me with his authoritarian schemes to ruin life in london and then claim otherwise. The football is looking a bit yawny, though i am preparing for a mid table united finish i can't see a challenge to chesea. And finally, i finished 24 season 4. Who'd have thought that jack was the one who did it in the study with the rope? Amazing.


  1. Blogger Aravis says @ 7:41 am
    It sounds like you've well earned some time to relax this weekend!
  2. Blogger the urban fox says @ 11:48 am
    What a flurry of thoughts. Forget work now, you have two days of lovely peace! Ahhhh, bliss.

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