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Oh dear...

This is not what you want to read on a Monday morning. Will the Americans ever live him down? Its quite astounding that the man leading the free advanced first world is resorting to religion as his largest socio-political policy driver!

Work has begun as it ended on Friday, silly buggery requests.

Some largely quick selfish updates for fun:
  • Bought a coolio tiny 15" LCD monitor for my PC, and it sits snugly on the top tier of our home desk. Very cheap, not very great, but its just got to power my old PC really, so thats fine.
  • Went out for a night's Gharba - Indian dance festival.
  • Did the garden, cut the grass and finally managed to trim the edges of the lawn with my new edge trimmer.
  • Tidied the home study, it looks nice and clear now - hopefully Icy can keep it going that way as she finally begins her Working From Home - woohoo!
  • Watched another Midsomer Murder last night, was OK, not great.
  • Waiting for damo to pop over for a day or so.
  • Waiting for young clever clog cousin-in-law to pop over for a day or so.
  • Waiting for ninny pinny to pop over for a day or so.
Pretty soon, I'll need a holiday!


  1. Blogger changeofhart says @ 10:47 am
    very important thing about Icy working from home is discipline and routine.

    its all too easy to get distracted at home, so make sure to tell her to ensure she has a lunch hour - get out of the house and do something - swim, walk, whatever. cabin fever sets in very quickly.
    also she should make sure she gets plenty of social interaction through other channels, or honestly, before long you will go crazy.
  2. Blogger Damo says @ 12:11 pm
    >Waiting for damo to pop over for a day or so.

    Only just under a fortnight to go... nail down all breakables and lock away all valuables!

    I will soon be able to work from home from time to time. I think I might actually work harder. In work, you feel like you're working if you've turned up, even when you're not as busy as you could be. At home, if you're doing nothing then you're 'cheating'. I've spoken to other colleagues who already work from home and most share this view.
  3. Blogger Bee says @ 4:30 pm
    That Bush article made me shudder with horror and fear. If only I had a duvet with me, I'd pull it over my head. But that might look a bit odd in a branch of Internet Exchange.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you & Icy and your house! Would you like me to bring anything (apart from the piece of art that's been sitting in my spare room since July)? How about a nice cake? You should never say no to a cake.

    (Unless it tells you to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, of course.)
  4. Blogger Icy Chick says @ 10:34 am
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  5. Blogger Damo says @ 10:47 am
    WHAT? I thought working from home was meant to be a skive!

  6. Anonymous Anonymous says @ 1:37 am
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  7. Blogger the urban fox says @ 7:37 pm
    What? Spam doesn't even have to be whole sentences or links now? How surreal.
  8. Blogger Damo says @ 11:55 am
    Why did you remove your comment, Ms Icy? It means mine makes no sense now!

    (I know, I'm a troublemaker)

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