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Oh boy what a week!
Another example of planning and politics gone wrong in the office place. The whole work situation for me begs attention with some careful strategic planning, where I decide ultimately what I want to be doing when I am 40 years old. But that is something i have to do in my own time. Build my own rainbow as the famous book suggests.
I'm going bowling tonight with family - let me rephrase, with my mother's side of my family tree (Dad was the only child you see) and with those persons who are single, in the UK and of young mind and body - i.e. not OAPs :) We did this last christmas and had a great time. I'll be rather tired since I've had a lot going on but there's nothing like a pizza hut to get my attention piqued.
Speaking of being tired - I've been amused over the past few months by icy's total inability to wake up before 8am for more than one day on the trot. She was lucky enough to not need to commute as in adult before, living at home whilst studying and working downstairs in the office block. Now she has a 90 minute trek each way to get to work and back, on a train (which I must admit is far far nicer than the shanty trains I took for 4 years from Southall). I guess i am used to it due to waking a 6am every day whilst at uni to go for a daily run, so a later wake for me is a blessing, whereas a 6am is quite normal.
In comparison, my dear Icy has barely managed 4 days of a 7am wakeup on the trot. Its amusing but also worrying. Hopefully She'll get the desire to pick up the pace, as ultimately we live in an area where it is absolutely fantastically quiet and dark at night, so a good nights sleep is easily possible - plus I've bought us an air purifier to ensure the upstairs has nice clean purified dust free air for us to breath at night - I must look into a small bonsai to help suck up some CO2 also.
The house is coming along slowly. We're going to get the garden sorted soon, got a chap coming next week to hack away at the Icy in the front garden. And there is the huge burden of arranging our finances looming this wekeend.

Life just gets more and more complicated. I wish they reminded us of this at school. Don't move on to the next level of complexity until you have mastered the current. That way its more manageable. So for us right now, I'm just making sure we can manage living where we are, how we are, without any additional stress of inabilities, before we decide to make any further drastic changes that change a routine.

On a final note - Gadget friday has died a slow death, due to my inability to find time to devote to sharing what I read about and my opinions on stuff. I am rather pleased that through the course of its existence, it has made some really good heads up pointers to technology that I thought would make headway and has! There is a slow and steady growth of the new SonyEricsson phones around, including the Walkman phone, which has got my own personal attention as well - since I shall soon be moving my mobile tariff away from the incompetent O2. And my final departure from the attempted regular slot is to give an update on my Panasonic HDD/DVD machine - its bloody fantastic. I would still recommend the Sony kit, its far superior, but I've got 400GB to play with, and the thing is capable of some fantastic quality and a huuuuuge library of recordings. Love it. Shame its only got one tuner...and makes a noise...and takes ages to boot up...etc.


  1. Blogger Aravis says @ 8:34 am
    Oh, I feel for poor Icy! I can't seem to move well in the morning either. Sounds like you live in a lovely area though, and are making many excellent improvements. Good luck with everything!
  2. Blogger B1RDIE Num Num says @ 8:37 am
    Shes an absolute star, last night she cooked the best indian meal she's put together yet - she's getting the hang of it really well.

    But she's definitely not a morning person - or at least not yet ;-)

    She's not bad at bowling either - a slow walk up to the aisle, and a release that makes you think the ball will never get there, and it does and it knocks down those pins. Interesting style.
  3. Blogger Crucifer says @ 9:44 am
    Firstly, *boo* at Sony, *yay* for Panasonic!


    "Life just gets more and more complicated. I wish they reminded us of this at school. Don't move on to the next level of complexity until you have mastered the current. That way its more manageable."

    Alas, Life is a bit like Pac Man. No matter how many times you seem to have mastered the current level you're on, things speed up and leave you bewildered at best.

    I'm being taken bowling today for lunch - it's a co-worker's 30th and they think that bowling will be a fitting tribute.

    I would rather have my brains sucked out through my nostrils.

    I hate bowling.
  4. Blogger Icy Chick says @ 11:12 am
    Ok people please note that the gardener will be hacking away at the IVY - thats spelt I. V. Y. - and NOT ICY - spelt I. C. Y. - talk about a typo.
  5. Blogger Bee says @ 2:50 pm
    I did wonder about that, and was considering calling the police.
  6. Blogger Icy Chick says @ 4:36 pm
    Me too - was beginning to fear for my life and considering disappearing on the day.
  7. Blogger Damo says @ 9:38 pm
    I spotted that typo too. I was wondering why I hadn't heard much from Mr Num Num recently...

    I can't get up in the mornings either. Turned up for work at 9.45 this morning. The worst thing is, I can do that. I think I actually need somewhere to impose discipline on me. In a work sense.

    I was supposed to guest edit Gadget Friday for you, wasn't I? Sorry about that. I'll still knock that together for you...
  8. Blogger B1RDIE Num Num says @ 4:44 pm
    I hacked away in the back garden at the Ivy - so it was all change due to you guys blowing my plans to smithereens.

    Seriously, the IVY in the front is horrendous, so much so, that despite the gardener coming on Thursday, Ive taken a massive chunk out of one of the main branches, to see what part dies.

    Doing this on the IVY in the backgarden a few weeks ago allowed me to easily pull down loads of it easily. So i cut some more off there too.

    As for work and all that, I can't see it abating. Its like we're just trying our very best to get a contract and in the process just agreeing to weird things.
  9. Blogger Lord Bargain says @ 9:26 pm
    I love this:

    "Life is a bit like Pac Man".

    I can't believe how true that is. I have just escaped through my lounge door having been chased by four multi-coloured ghosts and was then fortunate to find a great big strawberry to eat....
  10. Blogger Crucifer says @ 10:04 am
    I said a bit, not a lot.

    Strawberry huh...

    Here's something to help you get past that to the Peach level:


  11. Blogger Jenni says @ 4:40 am
    I agree about life being a bit like Pac Man. Though, LB, I thought you were supposed to eat power pellets, not strawberries? My power pellets come in the form of lattes :)
  12. Blogger Aravis says @ 6:44 pm
    I think the fruit replaced power pellets in the Ms. Pac Man game, didn't it?
  13. Blogger Crucifer says @ 5:38 pm
    The fruit that LB refers to is actually the fruit that appears in the middle of the maze (just under the prison where the ghosts go when they've been devoured by a powered up Pacman). Every level another fruit appears - I think the sequence is cherry, strawberry, peach...

    In Ms. Pacman, the fruit were no longer stationary and wandered the maze making it even more difficult to work out how to get them without getting killed.

    On a side note, nice to see so many gamers out :)

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