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I've been paintballing today, with Crucifer, WB and S.A. Brett. After the fantastic fun at my Stag Do, where we spent a lovely sunny day shooting zombie chavs and having a wonderful time, Crucifer, WB and myself got a little hooked to the paintballing thang. So when the opportunity arose to go again with C's workmates (of which S.A. Brett was one) I jumped at it. An ungodly 6.30am wake up call on a Saturday followed by a drive into town to pick em up and then off to High Wycombe. The Paintballing place wasn't anywhere as good as the one we had on my Stag, but you get what you pay for really. At least this time the only opponents were fellow workmates of C's, and so there was little or no zombie action. What there was, alas for me, was a hyped up young chap who was so high on adrenalin that he rushed round the side to shoot me 5 times in the back at close quarters at the end of a game. I think I introduced him to the fine art of the French language for a while. He was ever so apologetic, but I now sport 5 very large and painful bruises on my back. Not very good. Otherwise the day was fantastic, and a huge slap on the bruise-less back of Cruicifer for the invite.

I got my HDD Recorder today, quickly set it up, and tested it out. The timeslip fucntion is fantastic. I can record something, then watch it from the beginning whilst it continues to record. Fantastic. I need a TV Aerial booster though, the signal in these here parts is weak due to the copious amounts of trees, I believe its called a forest but I could be wrong ;-)

Oh, and one final thing, Icy had me worried sick on Friday evening after telling me she cut herself cooking and it wouldn't stop bleeding. After a tense 45 minute commute home I found that the cut was indeed deep on her thumb, but it was small and nowhere near an artery. So, thank God for that!


  1. Anonymous Anonymous says @ 8:09 am
    Glad you had a good time, and that Icy is ok!
  2. Blogger Aravis says @ 8:10 am
    I don't know why that posted me anonymously. That last message was from me, Aravis...
  3. Blogger Damo says @ 10:06 pm
    The paintballing can't have been as good as last time, because you didn't have someone accidentally seeing you off with friendly fire at the end... :-)
  4. Blogger B1RDIE Num Num says @ 9:48 am
    We did have a killing-house game, but it was unusual in that it was 10 minutes of stalk and raid, that pretty much was successful for the stalking team if they waited out the game until the last minute and then charged in enmasse - which is what we did.

    The place was no where as organised or big as the Cobham one.
  5. Blogger Elsha says @ 8:44 pm
    Crucifer came home and promptly fell asleep - so no difference from last time! Except last time, he was filthier!

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