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Yahoo! vs Google

I'm a bit of a geek, as most of you will have concluded form my Gadget Friday posts. I do like my technology and I love speculating on the future of it. I'm not always far wrong either - would you believe that in 1998 I predicted that there would be a single online page for each person where that person's:
  • calendar,
  • email,
  • notes,
  • cv/bio
would be available for people to see? The calendar would allow workers to see and share a single calendar securely so that you can get booked into meetings and people wouldn't have to know that the black box at 5pm on Thursday was your Doctor's appointment etc. The notes would be your thoughts and meanderings on life. When you were born you would be given a Birth Certificate, an IP Address or Domain, and a Mobile Phone Number (notice I didn't say ID Card ;-) All of this technological malarky is slowly coming around, and lo and behold, Yahoo! have decided to bring it one step closer.

Yahoo! 360 is kinda like a friend circle based version of the .person concept. Have a look at mine here.

I've made quite a few suggestions to the Feedback team, largely trying to tell them that their blogging won't really gain critical mass so their RSS Feed structure needs more work (see how oddly this blog turns up there?)

You see, Yahoo! is coming head to head with Google right now in all things cyberspace. Would you believe that just last week Yahoo! was given the Search Award for having the Most Pages Indexed? Yep, its hard to believe but Yahoo! could give you a better result than Google - though the exact 'relevance' of the result is debatable.

Email is another battle. 2G of storage from both, but one is free the other isn't. Google has to be taking a Nike approach to the Yahoo! old guard. However, Yahoo! has some things which it can draw upon to keep up the stakes. Firstly it has a great content system. Yahoo! News is still a tad better than Google News. But as you can see, Google is really pulling out the stops. Yahoo! has some fight left in it yet, and Yahoo! 360 is another example of just what its trying to do.



  1. Blogger Crucifer says @ 8:10 pm
    Yahoo! 360?

    Is that like the Xbox 360?
  2. Blogger Damo says @ 12:25 am
    Let's hope it's better than the Xbox 360.

    No, it seems to be like Myspace more than anything else...

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