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Who am I? Can I be something different? How?

Being an INFP (see bar on the right) I'm of the opinion we can improve ourselves by understanding ourselves, both the good and bad within us. Why do we act the way we do? What is the potential for change within us? What do we need to focus on to remove barriers in our psyche? All these things bug me consistently, to the extent that I am constantly looking to better how I act and react within the world I live in.

So here are some links to things that can help you do the same, should you so wish. Firstly, even if this doesn't appeal to you, don't dismiss it outright. There is a lot to be said about the psychology in some of these techniques. Secondly, you DO have the capability to change. Thirdly, only YOU can make that change happen. And finally, Making it happen takes a concerted effort on your part.

So enjoy.

1) The MBTI - Keirsey Sorter - find out what type of person you are - and if you do it correctly, its bang on the money. This then helps you focus your plan of action.

2) Seven habits of highly effective people - a key requisite to the working and living profile for most American professionals.

3) Neuro Linguistic Programming - take that phrase out of your head and put in one that subtly changes how you behave!

I could go on, but only if you want - but the above three are basically the best starting point for those who dare!


  1. Blogger SwissToni says @ 9:59 pm
    I'm an INTP.

    I hate to be tied down into someone's personality box, but I'm afraid to say that I do have several of the key personality traits.

    Ah well. What can you do?

    Someone I used to work with who is into this sort of thing (she works in Human Resources, or Talent Management as they amusingly like to call themselves) guessed me. I was quite impressed, then a little worried that it was so obvious.

    At least we INTPs are as rare as rocking horse shit. Wouldn't want too many of us running around the place, that's for sure.


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