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Wacky Weekend

A change from the opinions and more of a narrative...

Theres much to be said about the weekend just passed. It started off splendidly with a lovely Friday afternoon with my brother-in-law and then dinner at my sister's. The first was at a charming area of Swiss Cottage in London, with quaint road names such as Fellows Road, and Kings College Road, and Trinity Avenue. Do you get the picture? Fantastically grand old houses with a bit of a old-town twist. An afternoon with the brother-in-law and his delightfully cute little girl (though she's not exactly little). Then off to my sister's to play with her 3 little 'uns, and have another scrumptous dinner - she's a most excellent cook.
Saturday was a busy day. A morning of flat pack furntiture making culminated in a disaster of a sideboard that had three of the wrong doors. I need to get the details of the order and phone Ikea to resolve the issue promptly. Then off to a wedding at the Radisson Edwardian. A wedding presided over by the most comical and centre-of-attention seeking priest I've ever seen. The wedding will remain memorable for a long time for all who attended. Needless to say the priest was a bit in love with himself. Just a bit. Then a disaster of an evening reception at the same place. Instead of a lovely time, in the largest of halls, they put together a really shoddy schedule of dancing, dancing and more dancing, with a menu that was cut down and not at all palatable. I went home hungry, though I did marvel at the taste of a fresh green capsicum chilli - yes I was dared to take a bite out of one and I sure as hell did. And it was HOT. Lovely sharp bites of chilli pain on the tongue, fantastic!
Sunday was another long day, spent setting up my PowerBook, dashing off to shopping, dashing off to Reading for more shopping and to return a lamp that no longer worked, and then home to mow the huge lawn back and front. I need to get a gardener to come landscape the place, its getting unruly!
A relaxing and lovely evening dinner with Icy, who's cooking reportoire is coming along steadily, and a night cap of Poirot.
Through it all, very little time to do what I really wanted to do, but hey, there's always the weekend after next right ;-)

PS Saw that the Sony Walkman Phone is now available in general release here in the UK. I expect it to be a pretty good seller, much like the 2megapixel phone camera I reviewed many gadget fridays ago.



  1. Blogger Aravis says @ 8:06 pm
    With the possible exception of the wedding, it sounds like a wonderful weekend! :0)

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