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Transport Thurs

Sat on the train, with my backpack i must add, and slowly waking up into this morning. There is something nice about being able to just sit while the train does the hard work of getting you from a to b.
Anyway, gives me time to update the Blog.
At the moment life remains in flux. Home life is coming along. Slowly getting used to the neighbourhood and the fact that the house still needs some work.
Work life sucks. The new project location is great but the work has dried. We don't have a contract so i'm about to be rolled off back to the bench. Sod lays his law again. I hate office politics.
My sisters kids may come to stay with us tomorrow. That will be fun. And thats it for the day.


Ganguly joins 10,000 club

Amid talk about his questionable place in the side, declining form, lost captaincy and the end of an era in Indian cricket, Sourav Ganguly strode past the 10,000-run milestone in India's third match of the Indian Oil Cup versus Sri Lanka at Dambulla. (Click here for Ganguly's ODI statistics)

He reached the mark with a single during an innings of 51, his 60th one-day half-century, and broke into what was an exclusive two-member club which includes Sachin Tendulkar (13642 runs) and Inzaman-ul-Haq (10933 runs), although pedants might argue that, seeing as 22 of his runs came for an Asian XI against the ICC in January, he is still four short of the mark. Even so, it was still a fitting reminder to his critics of what a powerful force he has been in Indian cricket.(Click here for highest run-scorers in ODIs)

Ganguly has not been slack in reaching the 10,000-run landmark either. It took Tendulkar 259 innings and Inzamam 299. Ganguly needed 262, as he and Tendulkar forged what was the most productive opening partnership in the history of the game. Ironically, the rise of Virender Sehwag, who eclipsed even Tendulkar with his array of bludgeoning hits, coincided with the decline in Ganguly's batting form. He has scored 3319 runs at an average of 36.47 in 97 innings since Sehwag claimed his spot as India's one-day opener, statistics that many average players would love to claim as their own. However, these numbers are dwarfed by Ganguly's performance as an opener where he has amassed 7870 runs in 200 matches at 42.06.

A big-match player for India, Ganguly's form has been instrumental in several Indian victories, with 18 of his 22 centuries coming in those games. Ganguly's return to the Indian team with a out-of-sorts half-century has been the subject of much conjecture. Only time will tell whether he will build on his gargantuan ODI record or whether his recent run of poor form will erode it.

Batsman Total centuries Centuries in matches won Percentage
Sourav Ganguly 22 18 81.81
Sachin Tendulkar 38 28 73.68
Inzamam-ul-Haq 10 7 70



  1. Blogger Aravis says @ 6:35 pm
    Sorry to hear about work. That really bites. I hope things iron out soon! But I'm happy to hear that you and Icy Chick are settling nicely into your new home and neighborhood. Also glad to hear you can still ride the train with your back pack. Perhaps it sounds silly, but I worried for you a little in the fearful atmosphere after the bombings. Have things calmed a little since the arrests?
  2. Blogger SwissToni says @ 7:28 pm
    excellent cricket stats mate.

    my favourite Ganguly story relates to the time the Indian team were flying into New Zealand for a series against the Black Caps. Ganguly, who considers himself of aristocratic stock and a cut above the rest of the team, even before the captaincy, had taken it upon himself to bring with him not only his wife and children, but also his maid. Whilst the rest of the team were held up in customs and waiting for their luggage, Ganguly commandeered the team bus for himself and his entourage, and left the rest of the team stranded at the airport as he headed off to the hotel.

    Now that's leading by example !


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