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Tangy Tuesday

More policemen at Paddington this morning. I wonder when we'll stand down? Will the next budget have an increase in the allocation given to the Met? I always wondered how things would be if the police were privately funded. I keep casting my mind to one of my favorite films - Robocop - and thinking OCP Detroit. What fun that would be (not).

Speaking of films, I unboxed a few of my DVDs this weekend. Icy was a bit shocked to see so many, and is now in disbelief that I have twice as many more still to come! I've been a very good boy though. Since my last purchase of 24 Seasons 1,2 and 3, I've not bought anything new. Prior to that was my birthday gift to myself (sad but true) of the Complete Sherlock Holmes set. I've managed to satiate my need for films via amazon rentals. I migrated there via ScreenSelect, which was one of the early dvd-rentals-by-post players in the UK.

There is also a brand new Powerbook G4 15" Tiger OS on its way to me. This finally means I can give my iBook to my sister, as I had planned (well I had planned on Icy getting a couple of massive G5's from work, but that didn't transpire, so I have to get my own). Anyway, I'll have to clean up the iBook before I hand it over to sis, who will no doubt wonder why its not like her PC at work ;-)

Work sometimes, well you know, makes me wish I was a kid again you know, life of reilly and all that.




  1. Blogger Damo says @ 10:15 am
    Yep, growing up is the inevitable consequence of getting older and all that...
  2. Blogger changeofhart says @ 10:32 am
    yeah growing up sucks sometimes.

    that said, dunno about you, but I never bought a powerbook when I was a kid, so there ARE some benefits...

    actually I didnt have a brother who just GAVE me a computer either ;)
  3. Blogger Lord Bargain says @ 12:15 pm
    the song "The Life Of Riley" was written purely because Ian Broudie from the Lightning Seeds' son is called Riley.

    more rubbish pop trivia.

    except they used to use the instrumental version as the backing for the Match of the Day "Goal Of The Month" competition in about 1994. It is a song ever linked in my brain to the genius of Matthew Le Tissier.

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