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Madness Comes And Madness Goes

Its Bank Holiday Monday today, the sun is out and I'm contemplating getting the lawnmower out to do some mowing (again!) Whilst sipping at my morning coffee, whilst the lady slept upstairs, I heard a noise, a wailing sound. I thought it was part of the soundtrack to the film I was watching (Mystery Men if you would care to know). The noise went on as the scene changed. How odd I thought, surely soundtracks are synchronised to edits in the film? I turned off the volume and the noise was still there. And then suddenly I remembered what the previous owners told me - there is a weekly Siren test on Monday mornings.

Its the weekly siren test for Broadmore Hospital for the Insane. I've heard air-raid sirens tested in West London, and I've also heard a similar hospital siren ring near where I used to live. But this one sounded really hi-tech. They must have a bank of Yamaha synthesisors racked up to a massive amp to blast out this noise for miles around.

Not too worried that there are loonies out there, I mean, if push comes to shove and one is running amock down the road, I'm sure some of my illustrious neighbours would happily jump into their Chelsea Tractors and mow him down nonchalantly without a single care - obviously its a great excuse to go off road onto the pavements and lawns chasing the bugger down. Yes, there are some tractors here, but mostly flash BMWs that make me drool. Luckily my 306 exhaust isn't rattling anymore, how embarrasing that was!

Spring cleaning has finally taken place in the Num Num household, and the pad is looking rather plus indeed. Still got a fair way to go yet, but its getting there. I managed to even catch the ending of the 4th Test between England and Australia - how great to see us 2-1 up with one last Test to go! Now talk about nailbiting finishes - if we win that one, or even draw, the ashes are staying here! But those Aussies - they are a damn fine outfit, and its not going to be easy.

Right, I had better get my skates on and go mow the grass (again!)


  1. Blogger SwissToni says @ 9:56 pm
    I was there! I was there!

    (er... The Test Match, that is, not Broadmoor...)

  2. Blogger Crucifer says @ 4:04 pm
    Mystery Men is an absolute corker of a movie!

    My personal favourite of the whole bunch has to be Invisible Boy - who only becomes invisible when no one is looking at him including himself.
  3. Blogger the urban fox says @ 6:04 pm
    I grew up within the sound of the Broadmoor siren. Didn't realise they still use it! Well well.
  4. Blogger the urban fox says @ 6:05 pm
    Again, not in Broadmoor, just the vicinity, in case there was any doubt.
  5. Blogger Lord Bargain says @ 9:09 pm
    I used to live within earshot of the Broadmoor siren as well..

    And, bizarrely, I spent the early afternoon of my Bank Holiday Monday....

    ..watching "Mystery Men". Weird, huh?

    I love Hank Azaria's "Blue Raja" character. A American dressed as a British Raj whose superpower involves throwing cutlery. Superb.
  6. Blogger B1RDIE Num Num says @ 10:36 am
    It appears that we all like the Mystery Men film - how interesting.

    Fox - where abouts did you live? I've just moved into the vacinity and could do with some pointers with regards to what to go see etc.

    Cruc - spleen. nuff said.

    Lord - now that is spooky, not only did you also live here, but you were also watching the same movie on the same day. Twilight zone.

    ST - I didnt see any Red Cardinals on the telly. booo.

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