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I can't help it, there are some perfumes that just drive me wild. Its inevitable. The aromatics in some of them just hit the right notes in my being.

Top of the list has to be Dune. Icy wore it for the first time in ages on Sunday when we went to the London Mela. Its such a dreamy scent, captivates me big time.

Organza Indecense is a racy number too, gets the old ticker moving rapido as the aroma drifts in. Guerlain are very nice indeed, with Shalimar or Samsara making a romantic evening complete for me. And Ultraviolet is just yummy.

There are others out there that actually make me ill. I can't stand some of those 'washing up liquid' type scents, they don't work. And though the ubiquitous Orange Blossom type perfume is wildly popular, it doesn't make the animal growl, iykwim.

I'm reliably informed that Cologne has a similar effect on some women. I've had compliments on Vetiver, Elite and Bulgari.

So, now that Summer is slowly making its ceremonious and ever-brief appearance, its nice to know that sometimes, a waft of something delightful is all it takes to make you smile.


  1. Blogger changeofhart says @ 10:30 am
    a few years ago, body shop did a white musk range. I have many fond memories of that.

    with me its all about the memories of the people you associate with scents and smells.

    davidoff reminds me of someone.
    issy miyake reminds me of someone else.
    there are scents whose names I do not know that I will always associate with certain people when I catch the smell of it on someone else... weird, init.
  2. Blogger Damo says @ 5:33 pm
    That's the whole psychology with perfume. Smell it on someone that has an impact on you - positive or negative - on a regular basis and it becomes a signature.

    Then when you smell it sometime later under different circumstances, it all comes back to you straight away, and you take a few seconds to remember why.

    Having said all that, I've never worn anything myself...
  3. Blogger Bee says @ 10:14 am
    My sense of smell is not good, but there are some perfumes I can smell, so I give myself a couple of squirts of it every now and then when I remember. I like Bergamot because it smells to me like the fine spray that comes up when you peel an orange (mmm!), and I recently bought some of the Body Shop's "Vanilla" (sweeeeet).

    Actually the Body Shop had a perfume a few years ago called (I think) Indian Tobacco Plant (!) which smelled gorgeous, but I was skint at the time so I thought, "I'll come back and buy it another day." Guess what? Went back, no sign of it. I haven't seen it since. Damn.

    Re perfumes that make you sick: my mother feels that way about the smell of "Poison". She can smell it a mile off, too.

    Why call a perfume "Poison", though? You might just as well call it "Urine".
  4. Blogger Crucifer says @ 5:42 pm

    I used to have no opinion whatsoever on them...

    ...and then the missus got transferred from Housewares to Perfumeries...

    and now, all I smell are perfumes...
  5. Blogger the urban fox says @ 8:33 pm
    Scents are an interesting thing. It's definitely the case that you associate them with people you do or don't like, although some are just universally vile stenches which belong in a deep dustbin. See: Yves St Laurent's 'Paris'. Ugh.
  6. Blogger SwissToni says @ 12:31 pm
    fox - you should smell some j-lo. yuck

    I wear scent quite a lot. I vary between YSL M7, CKB, "Dear John" from a little shop on carnaby street whose name escapes me, some Nina Ricci stuff and a sample bottle of something C. brought me from France.

    Just a little dab on the throat and the wrists in the morning.


    Well, C. likes it, mainly, but it's nice to think that I might smell nice. The secret is moderation.


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