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Commuter Columbo

I am sat on a train opposite a most unusual individual. He has tie undone and hanging aound his neck. It looks like standard MandS fare. His pale yellow shirt has the top two buttons undone. He has light blue jeans on, and his brown shoes and white socks finish the ensemble.
Is this man an eccentric?
His powerbook is dominating the table, he has an ipod plugged into one ear and is yapping away on a Moto Razr in the other. His ring tone is the Hello Moto snippet.
Is this man weird?
His Daily Telegraph is sprawled on the seat next to him and his tattered full size gentlemans wallet spilling on the table in front of the paper.
Is this man obnoxious?
I love playing commuter columbo. Its so much fun (unless you have a cop with a gun looking to shoot a dark skinned bloke).
What games do you play on the train, shopping, driving...


  1. Blogger Crucifer says @ 1:28 pm
    Well, he doesn't have a rucksack or white bag, therefore he can't be a suicidal bomber.
  2. Blogger Aravis says @ 10:00 pm
    I enjoy taking clues from their appearance and making up stories about their lives. Probably completely off, but fun nonetheless. *G*

    This gentleman was obviously working feverishly to save his beloved pooch- Princess- who had been kidnapped in order to coerce his cooperation. He's an IT tech by day and a cracker by night. However, he is being forced to hack into the stock exchange now if he ever wants to see his Princess again! He wrote down some codes and passwords which are kept in his wallet. The paper is open to the financial pages for quick reference. He's talking to the kidnappers on the phone to assure them that all is going according to plan, and listening to his ipod in order to help him relax so he can get the job done.

    Little does he know that vicious little Princess already maimed half the kidnappers and made her escape. She'll be home in a few hours, when she's done enjoying her outing...

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