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Slog and Slide

Boredom. What does one do, when work doesn't offer the mental challenge at any particular moment in time?

I'm a lazy sod you see. I'll quite happily laze about doing bugger all if given the chance. But at work, I prefer to either Work, Chat with friends, or go home. What I cannot stand is idling in the office surfing. I like surfing, don't get me wrong, but there is only so much you can do wrt surfing without actually showing you aren't working iykwim. Thus I prefer working flat out 9-6pm and then going home to do my own stuff.

What annoys, therefore, are those moments/days when work isn't pressing enough, and you are left with hours on your hand. I am doing my best, to ensure my knowledge of SAN storage from IBM, the best approach to install a new Fabric architecture, and DR strategies wrt Cross-Site replication. Great really, but what happens when you can't absorb anymore?

Quiet offices are not very good for me. I do like quiet, its bliss, but when it comes to lull time and an eagerness to get work done so I can go home, its not great.

The office professional has an unusual life. Either its all go from 9-late, or its a bit of this and that. I've had it all, and tbh I prefer a middle ground of very high productivity 9-6pm and then off I go, home to live my life.

Wouldn't a job like that be a dream? Anyone offering a job like that in the Thames Valley Area to me would have my full attention.


  1. Blogger Crucifer says @ 5:08 pm
    You could always try and hook your fellow employees into playing Counter-Strike at work... One of the guys I used to work with is moving to a company that does just that in their "slow" periods - play CS or Unreal Tournament.

    I am desperately trying to claw my way out of this position and into the City. I'm tired of being a 2nd Line Support "Engineer"; I want to be a 2nd Line Support "Analyst".

    Although a few years of that and I will probably want to go back...
  2. Blogger B1RDIE Num Num says @ 5:09 pm
    Well I showed you what we had on offer, you sure you didn't like the roles?
  3. Blogger the urban fox says @ 7:32 pm
    Working your booty off and then leaving at a reasonable hour is definitely the way to go. Balance is paramount. Hope you find a suitable new job soon, Nums.
  4. Blogger Damo says @ 9:00 pm
    It's definitely my approach. I was 8-4 for years, just lately I'm 9ish to 6. But then, they actually bother to give me something approaching a salary these days. Something I'm really going to need very very soon.
  5. Blogger Damo says @ 11:52 pm
    Edit: I might not need it quite as soon as I think. But eventually.

    Well, not for what I thought I might need it for, anyway.

    Hope that isn't too cryptic.
  6. Blogger Crucifer says @ 8:14 am
    Mmm... None of them were in my field as far as I remember and a change of career doesn't really appeal to me at this stage.

    Still, you never know what the future may bring...

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