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Return Of The Mack [Num Num]

A rather self-glorifying subject, but in reality just a tune that's been going round in my head today - since I am now back at Work after 2 weeks of wedding chaos/honeymoon and housebuilding.

A wonderful experience that I wouldn't want to swap for anything (except maybe the same experience without all of the hassle and strife and EXCESSIVE heat :)

Seriously, I had fun getting married, and I'm sure Mrs Icy would agree (hopefully ;-)

So, after a lot of important Worldly events going on (G8, Live8, London 2012, Bombs, England vs Australia etc.) I am somewhat lost for what to say that is of: Merit, Quality, Value, Humour and Thought Provoking.

Therefore, without trying to be clever and stuff like that, I'll just say - I shall be resuming my blogging that illustrates the progress on the Housebuilding, my new Project in London, and my views on Life, The Universe and Everything else. Oh, and Gadget Friday will be returning too - if the Mrs lets me have a budget to buy useless stuff that is :(

I hope you are all well, safe, and most importantly happy. I shall be surfing at your doorsteps soon, looking to learn new and wonderful things as usual.


Mr Num Num


  1. Blogger Bee says @ 3:15 pm
    Welcome back dude! I hope you and yours are all OK.

    Re "Housebuilding": when I see you and Mrs Icy next, I will have a little contribution to make to that. Nothing big or hugely impressive. Just a little something. :)
  2. Blogger Damo says @ 3:43 pm
    The keys to obtaining a budget to buy useless stuff are:


    1. The benefit of the useless stuff to both parties needs to be demonstrated
    2. Both parties get a useless stuff budget

    Come on, you must have loads left! Houses aren't that expensive, are they? :-)
  3. Blogger Aravis says @ 6:49 am
    Welcome back! So glad you're both safe and well and had a lovely time. I must agree with damo's assessment of How To Get Stuff. Quite accurate.

    Best wishes again to you and Mrs. Icy. Enjoy settling in! :0)
  4. Blogger the urban fox says @ 5:53 pm
    Lovely to see you back, Nums!

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