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Rant about Office Supplies

OK, small rant that is totally off tangent from TERROR, OIL, ID, CIVIL LIBERTIES, or GETTING MARRIED.

Office Supplies. What does that mean to you? To me it means simple things like Paper, Post Its, Pens, Pencil, Staplers, Paper Clips and Notebooks.

Nothing too difficult, nothing to taxing. Just useful tools to help people get on with being useful in an office.

What if the pens don't work? I'm not kidding. The last building I worked in bought silly pens by Banner and some other dodgy company, and they never worked. It was appalling. And their notebooks, god talk about loose leaf mess!

Right now I'm seriously annoyed with the simple fact that the Stationary cupboard here is empty. My fault that my Rotring MultiPen has run out of Pencil Lead and Black Ink. I cant use Red (seriously) and the PDA stylus is redundant. BTW mine has funky rubber grips unlike the one in the pic.

So I've had to resort to a shitty Staedler immidation that just doesn't cut it.

All serious offices should have serious stationary. Good Notebooks, and good pens - like Bic, Staedler, Papermate.




  1. Blogger Damo says @ 5:50 pm
    Offices tend to buy the cheapest rubbish imaginable. Yet because lots of it is hardly usable, they're shooting themselves in the foot...
  2. Blogger Aravis says @ 6:53 pm
    The last two offices I worked in jealously guarded their supplies. Every time you needed a new pen, you had to justify it to the office manager. If I needed another pen too soon, she called me on it and warned me to watch it. I kid you not! *LOL*
  3. Blogger changeofhart says @ 10:04 am
    when you consider that one of the UK's leading office supplies, er, suppliers is called NOBO (should be pronounced NOB-OH, not NO-BO) you do have to wonder about the qwalidee.

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