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Gadget Friday

Just sponsored a girl at work doing a Triathlon:
"Thank you very much for your donation - it really means a lot to us and to The Anthony Nolan Trust."

Inspired me again.

Last year Icy and I did the One Mile run for children in London - unfortunately for Icy, she couldn't make half way without stopping and gasping for air.

So this time, I'm thinking I'll get us a couple of bikes, and try for a charity Bike Ride in our new Greeny region. I'm sure she'll sign up for that.

Today I'm also wearing my NSPCC Full Stop Wrist band. I think its odd, don't really like the colour, it clashes with my other wrist bands (two my sisters put on me every year for good luck, and one that is a symbolic gesture to the god Shiva).

Here's to Charity - may others do the good I cannot (coz I'm cooped up in a crappy office)...

And on to this weeks Gadget Friday:
Todays subject is Mozilla.

Mozilla is now referred to as the group of OpenSource Coder Warriors who are churning out updates to the Internet Suite of tools from the Mozilla Organisation.

In the old days, Mozilla was the name given to the Netscape browser product. We're talking ages ago now. Netscape is now a bit of a dinosaur, lost out to the Micro$oft Internet Exploiter browser.

Mozilla started by turning out a Netscape OpenSource version, combining a HTML editor, Browser, Address Book, Email Client and Newsreader in one executable.

This was then followed by a streamlined superfast browser called Firebird, which had to change its name to Firefox due to a Copyright wrangle.

The email client split off into a Thunderbird email client (which is rathe good too).

And Mozilla, itself continues as a full suite of tools.

I could write loads about these, but I am pretty sure an internet savvy group of blog readers already use these. If they do not, then here's all you need - the URLs to go get these awesome tools.

PS as you can see, todays installment is crap. Boohoo.




  1. Blogger Crucifer says @ 12:58 pm
    I remember Netscape.

    When I worked at the Internet Cafe, we found that Netscape was much, much faster than IE. Like loads faster.

    Anyway, weren't Netscape bought out by MS?
  2. Blogger Damo says @ 5:47 pm
    You say it's a crap update, but anything encouraging people to ditch IE and use Firefox is a good thing...
  3. Blogger Aravis says @ 7:46 pm
    I agree with Damo. I love my Firefox and Thunderbird.

    Come to think of it, they sound like the pets of super heroes. *G*
  4. Blogger Lord Bargain says @ 10:11 pm

    and it's little baby counterpart Modzuki, presumably?
  5. Blogger Damo says @ 1:11 am
    Ah, Godzuki. Ruined Godzilla nearly as much as Scrappy ruined Scooby.


    ... and Godzuki ... tinkle tinkle tinkle la da dee... hmmm.

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