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Gadget Friday

A Gadget Friday with a twist today. I have read something which makes me wonder what the Corporate World is coming to when it infringes on the Haven that is a Gadget Inventor's paradise.

I'm talking about the 'SACKING' of a very intelligent and influential chap from HP. Alan Kay may not be very well known like say James Gosling or Bill Joy, but he's not lightweight either.

HP's decision to remove him and his research department, is in my personal opinion, akin to Ferrari removing their entire Formula One division and saying to their Chief Engineer - sod off.

So what does this have to do with Gadgets? Well I find the ramifications tremendous. If this is how one of the darlings of Silicon Valley (yes HP is the foremost Garage company that done good) is changing focus toward profit and not innovation, we're about to lose a bit of class.

HP tumbled down the pit of doom when they appointed a glamourous sales lady to lead them - Carly F. She was the darling of the tech world suddenly, in charge of the premier Valley company, and able to grace front covers in more than just kakhis and a polo shirt. But she made huge mistakes, and she paid for them. Well not personally, she's now absolutely LOADED, but HP is a mess and now it looks like its going to have to revert to being a printer company all over again in order to survive!

So why gadgets? Well think about it. Gadgets are hinged on innovation and the freedom to experiment and come up with a great product. Research is important, and so is a climate of innovation and experimentation. What HP are doing, is sounding a klaxon around the valley saying they don't have the cash for this, and that cash is more important.

If Apple had thought that way, we might still be looking at MiniDiscs or only looking at niche market mp3 players. Instead they spent money, researched and marketed a pretty crap (imho) mp3 player in terms of auditory sensation, but it looked a dream and was simple as pie to operate.

I love gadgets, and I admire companies that contribute in ways to advancement of Gadgetory Proliferation. So today, I take my hat off to those who continue to support this field, and send a big bad BOOO-HISSS to HP.

Normal service will resume next week, unless something else drastic happens!


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