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A nicer weekend at last. :-)

Friday night was tiring. I got home, unwound a bit, and had a good chat with Captaindamo. We were shooting the breeze when I commented the biggest mistake I made with my iBook was not buying a burning drive. A few URLs later and we were pondering whether the drive in there is actually a burning drive or not. Anyway, I got a sudden migraine (I am unwell, cold creeping up) and headed off to bed immediately. I was out like a light till this morning.

I woke up and voila, the iBook burns cds. Super duper! Definitely worth leaving for my sister to use now, its much nicer for her to know she can sync her digital camera pics to the iBook and then burn them to CD to share with the family. Bonus Points!

The lady and I then proceeded to Ealing to wander a bit, went into an awesome shop called Oil & Vinegar (don't mock it, it was ace if you knew what you were doing with various oils in cooking). I saw a jar of sumptuous looking Green Olives stuffed with Garlic - alas it was £10 a jar!!! We decided to buy one of that, and one of Olives stuffed with soft Almonds in July as a treat. Popped into a new branch of my favourite health shop. Headed off to our favourite Tapas restaurant for Yet Another excellent meal there (they are so good, they topped themselves by getting the aubergines crisp and oil free this time).

Then off to Changeofhart's 30th Birthday in Reigate - he was in a great mood. His fair lady and he were having a ball, and we headed off after 45mins since we don't really drink and we had a long drive back and a busy day tomorrow. We do have to urge him to get in some more competition for us in the 'who has the best tan' gig. We won that one easily tonight ;-)

Anyway, home to eat on the most excellent Seeded bread from the shop, indulge in the Green & Blacks chocolate, and some Law & Order tv before bed.

A good day.


  1. Blogger changeofhart says @ 9:04 am
    1000 generations of genetics bestow upon me my milk bottle tan. As the wise Billy Connolly once said, us Celts natural skin colour is blue. It takes us a week in the sun just to go white.
  2. Blogger Damo says @ 10:20 am
    I wouldn't mock you for going in Oil & Vinegar, what with it being a bit of a favourite shop of mine as well...

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