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...here we go again...

Things are moving on now.

I've instructed my Solicitor to have me pull out of the purchase of the previous house I was trying to buy. The offer I made was subject to completion in April, and its long gone that and theres still no sight of the end date. The seller will be unhappy, but my parents are currently unhappy that I haven't completed yet. I call that evens.

The lady and I have found another property. We are considering it and probably will move on it seriously. Its out of town and cheaper.

Changeofhart has bugged me to write something cheery, to put on a smile and get on with life. He's right you know. He has moments of good insight now and then, I put it down to him nearing the decade of maturity and wisdom.

With that in mind, I am rather chuffed to see AC Milan make the final of the European Champions League. Its fanatastic. They have effectively lost Serie A to Juventus, but that's fine if they beat Liverpool and take yet another European Cup :)

I've a fun day tomorrow. In the morning I am on a course in another office, and in the afternoon I have a Alexander Technique Session at work - its part of the Wellbeing at Work programme. I liked the idea of it. I have a book on this, but it may be useful to see how it works in real life.

Mum and Dad are progressing well, though not as fast and well as we could hope for. Nevertheless they are coming along fine.

More later...normal service is slowly resuming.


  1. Blogger Aravis says @ 10:28 pm
    I'm so pleased for you that you have found another location which interests you. I hope all goes well for you this time! :0)
  2. Blogger changeofhart says @ 9:51 am
    I'm 2 for 0. :) thats 2 blogs checked of friends and acquaintances this morning, and 2 mentions... sweet :)

    you know Meelan vs the Scarsers will be the dullest final in living meory, dont you... ;)

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