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End of a weird week...

Boy what a week I've had. Largely down to being a victim of a weird collection of bugs going round London I'd say. I woke on Monday to a bad fever and so stayed at home. Got back into to work to another 'all hells broken loose' environments. In reality, it hadn't, but you know its easier to blame the guy who isn't there. Luckily in this case, the facts clarified the situation immediately.

Then I faced another set of hilarious questions and situations by a major telecoms Vendor we work with. Actually its one guy who is the main culprit, he seems to be an amazingly incompetent fella. Get this, a spreadsheet was mailed to him with data on various stores in it. He mails back with a curt comment - we need the store number, next time mail me the store number. The reply email sent to him? Can you guess?

"Scroll left"

Yes, column A had the Store Numbers in it. How fantastic is that? I love it.

Then I confirm my roll off date from the project/programme. The good news, after 880 days I'm free. The bad news, there's nothing out there in the South East. :( So I start to send out feelers, and get back cold air, nothing in the water around me. I'm all alone.

I also had to endure a rather weird encomium, which had no real point other than to just make me think - urm, what's the point? Still I had to endure it, so I did. If it even begins to happen again i'll have to do a Num Num on it and just make it blatantly obvious I'm not impressed.

Its good to know that Icy Lady has had her Hen Night. Her friends gave me a call on the mobile, lots of giggling and talk of hunky strippers and frilly lingerie. Worrying in a way, but I guess it comes down to trust. And trust her I do.

Made me wonder what I should do for my Stag. Had thought of doing a Paintball day, but I have a bunch of lazy sods for mates, so figured I'd just punt a day into the email ether and chill out in a restaurant and head off to a bar I guess.

Man Utd lost to Arsenal, in what was a rather weird FA Cup Final. Neither looked like they would win, and Rooney's shots were way off target. Van Nistleroy looks a man off-form, and Arsenal, well they were lame ducks. They won 5-4 on penalties.

Saw some documentary on Michealangelo painting a 'end of days' on the cistern chappel for a pope dude that thought it was really happening.

I'm tired. Time to surf some blogs...

Daily Capricorn Forecast
Quickie: What's the secret of happiness? Friends -- having them and being one.
Overview: Your agenda for the day should be rest, relaxation and getting back in touch with what you really enjoy doing. Whatever it happens to be, allow yourself to become (temporarily) completely absorbed.



  1. Blogger Damo says @ 1:49 pm
    Hey! Who are you calling lazy? Watch out if you find yourself on the opposing side on the day... :-)

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