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Yesterday was my Mum & Dad's 48th Wedding Aniversary.

I didn't even send them a card!

I feel so low, so bad. My intentions were there, but nothing was done about it.

If I can't look after my own parents, who have done so much for me, and who continue to do so much for me, what kind of imbercile am I?

I seriously need to think about how I treat my Mother and Father. I must take control.


  1. Blogger changeofhart says @ 10:59 am
    48th?!?!? wow, thats a good stretch mate.
    So they were married like 16 years before the numnum came along? blimey.

    dude, dont beat yourself up - you have a busy time of it - weddings, houses, family illnesses... the time for celebration is coming for you - your parents will understand - I'm sure you vocalised your support and goos wishes...

    modern society dictates we must keep clintons and hallmark in business to show our feelings 'properly'. Thats a bag of balls if you ask me. You only throw cards away.
  2. Blogger Damo says @ 11:34 am
    You've had plenty to contend with lately, and all of the many things you've been doing for them add up to far more than the one thing you didn't do... which was to buy them a bit of cardboard at an overinflated price.
  3. Blogger the urban fox says @ 11:11 am
    It's OK, Nums. Everyone has little lapses and you've had so much to deal with lately, as the other 2 say. From everything you've written, you sound like a brilliant son to me.
  4. Anonymous Anonymous says @ 12:46 pm
    Excuse me ICY here

    I actually put the anni card in the post box with my very own hands first thing on Monday morning - it even had a bloody first class stamp.


    Even some of the wedding invites have disappeared. BOOO HOOO HOOO.

    Should have known not to trust anyone with important stuff and become the postman (or woman whatever) myself at least that way things would have reached on time even if that did leave me exhausted.

    Just thought I would put my point across - if anyone is to blame about the card it is me so I guess that is one black mark already on my daughter-in-law status.

    Oh well!
  5. Blogger the urban fox says @ 3:01 pm
    Icy, will you remain Icy Lady or change to Icy Num Num after the wedding?
  6. Blogger Lord Bargain says @ 3:14 pm
    hey, that's one hell of a back-up plan you're marrying there. That is one hell of an exceptional piece of organisation....
  7. Anonymous Anonymous says @ 9:23 pm
    To the Urban Fox - sticking with Icy Lady (although she disappears for eons and then makes a sudden appearance when trying to point out flaws in Num Num's brain power - please note I admit Num Num has more brain power then me but I sometimes surprise myself and realise I too have something ticking along up in that head of mine - hehehehe) - I might be marrying the lovely gorgeous and utterly delightful Num Num but think I will maintain my Icy-ness.

    Lord Bargain - as this is just a blog you unfortunately cant see me curtseying (spelling i think is wrong so apologies). Thanks for the nice comment - seems that since I met Num Num I have a talent for pulling the wool over peoples eyes - LONG MAY IT CONTINUE is what I say - hehehehe

    Am very giggly recently - could it be the nearness of the wedding? hmmmm

    Its been ages since I have used Icychick so have logged in anonymously as I cant remember me password - oh well - sorry!
  8. Blogger Damo says @ 10:09 pm
    Ah... but, Icy person, the real question is, are you going to take his surname or stick with yours?

  9. Anonymous Anonymous says @ 11:39 pm
    Now let me think - do I change my surname or keep it as it is!!

    Will get back to you!

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