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Sod Geneva, we're American! (& Great Blairites)

Unfortunately I tuned into BBC2's Newsnight last night, and was kept abreast of our TERROR Laws passing through the Commons. How pleased I was to learn that the Blairites Bill of Restriction just about made it through by a majority of 14, and now faces stiff opposition in the House Of Lords. The two Lordy chaps on the programme were adamant that the TERROR Law was more about restriction of Civil Liberties than safeguarding the population from TERROR. This gives me some comfort that the Lords isn't full of Blairite cronies (though there are a couple of big hitters that share his bed in terms of the Iraq War Quagmire).

"We are facing the gravest threat that this nation has ever faced" says Baroness Scotland, a highly innefectual television representative if I saw one. She couldn't answer the valid question of 'why are you giving concessions to the Law on TERROR that you previously said was necessary as it stood?' The responses were typically political, pretentious, and just condescending. Luckily Paxman was in top form and just turned away. Awesome.

"We are facing the gravest threat that this nation has ever faced" says Baroness Scotland. So the Luftwaffe raiding down onto London wasn't so bad then. So the French Invasion was just a small bagguette fight. So the Spanish Armada was bit of an Omlette incident. So the collapse of the British Empire wasn't that drastic. Nope, we are facing the GRAVEST threat we've ever faced.

I'd give them £10 if they can articulate in concrete terms just what that threat is. And if they truely believe we need protection - then enlist their children to protect us! What kind of fools do you take us for?

Oh - the kind that jumps at TERROR when you say it..TERROR. oooh. TERROR. Ohh. Scary.

Then I got to watch Guantanamo Torture on 7 Volunteers. George Blair and Tony Bush are a bit deluded if they think that Torture of irrelevants is going to be useful. I mean if they can use Lithium on them, and get results, then wtf is GlaxoSmithKlienBeecham good for? We already have Colgate/Crest/McCleans - sod inventing a new toothpaste and sort out that Truth Serum.

Jeez - do we the public have to do everything around here?


  1. Blogger Lord Bargain says @ 3:10 pm
    it's a bit like a scary film. The really scary ones are the ones where you dont get to see the baddie type horror thing.

    When you do get to see it, it is invariably far less scary than you expect, hence the reason that we are fed an illusion of terror, rather than a lot of small Korean men or blokes in tea towels.

    Or small Korean men in tea towels (which I would frankly pay to see).
  2. Blogger Aravis says @ 9:08 pm
    Your way of putting things made me laugh, even as I was aware of the horrifying truths underneath your words. Excellent post!
  3. Blogger B1RDIE Num Num says @ 9:15 pm
    Its true. Can you imagine the international Sales of Colgate-Truth-Serum if it was ever invented.

    Viagra would be a Cabbage Patch phenomenon in comparison. A Flash in the pan.
  4. Blogger the urban fox says @ 4:53 pm
    "Jeez - do we the public have to do everything around here?"

    Y'know, I think we probably do.

    Loved the Luftwaffe/French/Armada comparisons. Someone needs to email similar common sense to c.clarke@feelthefear.gov.uk on a daily basis.

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