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Pink Monday

After a weekend of sunshine, Monday reverted back to normal grey darkness.

I spent Saturday walking around Central London with Icy, looking for White Gold Wedding Bands that would almost match her Engagement Ring. We decided on something that Pravin's on Regent Street offered. We also bought me a Pink Shirt and Tie from TM Lewin.

Yes, today I am wearing a Pink Shirt. As are my work colleagues. We decided it would be funny to turn up at work in Pink, in memory of our 'Head Boy' posh chaps who are on holiday or paternal leave. Those two are very posh, speak posh, act posh, and wear pink shirts and striped suits.

I'll take a photo and whack it up, its quite weird, a bunch of fellas in pink shirts. Scary.


  1. Blogger Damo says @ 11:47 pm
    Funnily enough, in Alfie there's a mini-monologue about how real men shouldn't have a problem with wearing pink shirts.

    I've yet to take the plunge, but then I spend all my money on records.

    And festivals.

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