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Here comes the rain again...

The rain this morning brought back some memories. Together with the warmth, the sound of the drops on my umbrella, I was taken back to Glastonbury 1998 - aka The Mudfest. I was reliably informed that despite 97 being a muddy year, 98 was the definitive Mudbath. It remains my only Glastonbury experience, largely due to the fact that I spent a few days absolutely caked in mud, totally wet (albeit warm), and despising the need to go to the loo. God oh mighty, those loos. Jeez.

So you can imagine my thoughts this morning. Instead of cringing however, I was smiling. The warmth, the rain, the silence of walking down my road, and the realisation that I have already been through Glasto 98 and don't have to do it again, put a smile on my face. :)

I have to admit, I went there with CaptainDamo and Serena Wombat. These two tried to alleviate my pain and gave me soggy tissues to dry my tears through the rain. Still I got to see a few silly things whilst there.

On a happier note, India beat Pakistan in the 2nd test, to take the lead 1-0 : India: 407 & 407-9
Pakistan: 393 & 226 - India beat Pakistan by 195 runs. Awesome.

And GM Crops finally get their come uppance - I mean you really shouldn't mess with food.

Oh well, back to work...



  1. Blogger Bee says @ 11:39 am
    It's a pity that the one and only year you decided to come to Glastonbury happened to be the year it turned into a full-on World War I battle landscape, complete with trench foot, rats, barbed wire, landmines and German cannon strafing the tents every couple of minutes (OK, just mud). If you'd come with us in 1999 instead, your Glastonbury experience would have been one of bright sunshine, azure skies and Mediterranean heat.

    Still, you can at least be reassured by reminding yourself that at least it wasn't Reading. A rainy, muddy Reading Festival is a very depressing thing indeed. And believe me, the toilets are much, much worse ...
  2. Blogger SwissToni says @ 12:31 pm
    I've been to Glasto 4 times now (1993, 2002-4) and it was only properly muddy last year, and even then it wasn't what it was in 1998. It was a bit depressing, but mainly because nothing quite beats sitting down on the hill above the pyramid stage with a pint of warm beer in a paper cup basking in the sunshine and listening to someone like Jimmy Cliff. Mind you - listening to the English National Opera doing some of the Ring Cycle in front of a mud-blasted Glastonbury on the pyramid stage is also quite a memory.

    Was it Radiohead in 1998?

    I shall be trying to get tickets again this year, of course. There simply is not a festival like it. I went to Reading once (in 1994) and although I saw loads of bands I was mad keen on (manics, pulp, Gene, jeff buckley, red hot chilli peppers etc) it was still not a patch on glasto as an experience and I've never been tempted to go back.

    Mind you - Glasto 1993 was very, very different to Glasto now.... I ate a lot more baked potatos for one thing, and was offered far more hard drugs. These days you can have a proper coffee and tartiflette, and you are less likely to be offered smack as you walk between the stages. On the whole I think this is an improvement.

  3. Blogger Bee says @ 12:42 pm
    >>>Was it Radiohead in 1998?

    That was 1997. As I remember, 1998 had Blur on the Saturday, Pulp on the Sunday, and ... um ... can't remember who it was on the Friday. Was it Primal Scream?

    We missed Pulp because we feared we wouldn't be able to free Mr Num Num's car from the vice-like grip of the Somerset mud in the car park if we stayed any longer. I have a distinct memory of sitting in the car with him and Captain Damo, having a satisfying and nutritious lunch of Twiglets and brandy as we drove over a fallen gate to get out onto the road. It's moments like that that make Glastonbury what it is.

    Glastonbury is an awful lot different since the "Super Fence" went up. A lot less stuff gets nicked, for a start. The Num Num had the misfortune of having his sleeping-bag half-inched on the first night we were there, which I fear can't have improved his festival experience any ... ;)
  4. Blogger B1RDIE Num Num says @ 12:50 pm
    It was a fantastic and new sleeping bag. I hadn't even slept in it.

    It still brings a tear to my eye. )-;

    Yeah, we just about made it out of the car park, God help those who went after the mess we left behind.

    I did enjoy it, don't get me wrong, but I really am afraid of the whole thing. Even the junkies were stuck in the mud!!!
  5. Blogger Damo says @ 9:44 pm
    Mr Swiss, if you're there this year (and we are too), you must come and say hello. But having said that, every time Ms Wombat gets ready to watch an act she likes, a giant comes and stands in front of her a few seconds before they start. So I guess you'll find us... :-)
  6. Blogger B1RDIE Num Num says @ 10:18 pm
    Next time you sit in front of me at the cinema Swiss, I'll twat ya!

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