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A Wonderfully Bad Week...

...and its only just begun!

Where's Karen Carpenter when you need her to soothe the mind? This week has been an absolute disaster. I didn't think much of it last week, but I had a bit of a mini-nightmare one night where I was no longer wanted on my current project due to me being totally utterly crap and a liability. Funny eh. Well, not when Monday and Tuesday conspire against you and it gets to the point where you begin to think that there might be some truth in the matter. I am not an accountant, so when someone asks me to do the financials on a project that isn't mine, wellllllll what do you think is going to happen. What if £1+m was left to spend in the wrong month? Arse. Thats what. Total Arse. Just happens to be mine that's getting a good kicking at work. The funny thing? Its not even my project - the guy who runs it, my boss, is on holiday. Yep. So the fact that only a few million is in the wrong month shouldn't harm anyone should it? Well urm, apparently it does. Go figure.

So there you have it. I am getting absolutely clobbered at work. Now where's that smile of mine....


  1. Blogger Jenni says @ 11:54 pm
    If you are going to go around misplacing millions, the least you could have done was misplace some of it into the open arms of those who read your blog ;) Seriously though, I feel for you. I hope you've found your smile by the time you read this.
  2. Blogger Aravis says @ 7:01 am
    So sorry this is happening. Hope you find that smile soon!
  3. Blogger Crucifer says @ 9:29 am
    Slovotsky's Law #9: Sometimes, you can't do anything about something that sucks...

    Keep your smile and never let them run you down. :-)
  4. Blogger changeofhart says @ 10:38 am
    dont speak rot lad - I've never seen you smile.

    well, only in that resigned 'work sucks but I still keep coming back for more' kinda way.

    I think there are a couple of x-wing fighters on your shoulders, not the usual angel-devil pair...

    one says "pull up, pull up"
    the other says "stay on target, stay on target..."

    remember what happened to the guy in star wars that didnt pull up mate? the dull grey sentry guns obeying their masters did for him and didnt even blink.

    aaaaahh, george lucas in real world allegory SHOCKER!
  5. Blogger SwissToni says @ 9:22 am
    do what any other self-respecting businessman would do in the same situation - blame your boss.

    It's his damn project after all, so he's only got himself to blame.

    As you were saying to me the other day.... don't expect to find your happiness at work. Seek comfort in the fact that your life outside of work seems to be tickety-boo.

    ST (also rubbish with financials)
  6. Blogger B1RDIE Num Num says @ 5:23 pm
    It gets worse...there was a mistake. Something neither I or the person helping me spotted. Its gone all the way to th bloody god damned top. Its scary. Luckily they can't lock me up or kill me, just blame me furiously for not spotting a mistake in somebody elses project finances that i had never ever seen before in my life, but had to become a master in within a day.

    Isn't work wonderful sometimes?

    I know its hard to keep an open heart, when even friends seem out to harm you, but if you heal a broken heart, wouldn't time be out to charm you?

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