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Wednesday makes me wonder

Another morning at the station. Bloody freezing weather and a packed train. Luckily managed to sneak a seat, most likely to the detriment of some poor sod. Best not to dwell on that too much.

I am getting worried that the climate may have changed irreversably. What sparked this silly thought? I was watching tv last night and saw an advert for cat food. It advised watchers that a cat jumps a thousand times before its 7, so as conscientious owners, we need to protect its joints. Thankfully the new cat food they were selling was packed with vitamins. So that's all right then, better go buy that. That made me think.:
  • How gullible are we these days?
  • Do cats need to be given vitamins. Don't they get them from mice?
  • Are we so down the road me changing our habitat that we have no hope of gettig nutrients naturally from food anymore?
  • Why is it that we need to go on diets so much? What has changed in our diet and lifestyle that means we can't eat and relax?
  • Are we making cats fat?
So many questions for a Wednesday morning...


  1. Blogger changeofhart says @ 9:53 am
    you remind me of a long unanswered changeofhart musing about cat food.

    whats with cat food flavours??

    Beef? Tuna???
    Must admit, prior to the domestication of small members of the cat family, I find it hard to believe that packs of tabbies hunted down and slayed whole herds of cows for their beef fix...

    And tuna? I've never seen a cat with an aqualung, plunging the depths of the ocean to slay fish which generally are twice its size... maybe they lost the memory of the intricacies deep sea diving when domestication by human intervention happened...

    Why arent cat foods BIRD, MOUSE, and SMALL RABBIT flavour??
  2. Blogger Bee says @ 9:54 am
    Of course we are making cats fat. Or cats are making us make them fat. See, originally people just kept cats in their houses to keep the vermin population down. The cats ate the mice and rats and that was how they lived and everybody was happy. But then people found that it was nice to have cats around for company and amusement as well as pest control, and they started feeding them extra stuff as well as the mice and rats, and the cats got used to this cushy arrangement, and now they can't feed themselves and are constantly demanding more and more food, which we give them just to shut the little bastards up.

    My own cat is little more than a big furry gut on legs and it's his own fault.

    Funny that we should be discussing cats on your blog when you yourself don't like cats very much. But, you know, cats are OK. They're more entertaining to have around the house than, say, a goldfish or a gerbil. And you don't have to follow them around with a plastic bag and pick their poo up after they've done a toilet.
  3. Blogger Damo says @ 10:44 am
    Cats are great.

    Apparently, we've overstated the increase in weight as a nation. Two people were arguing about it on the radio this morning. All I know is, regular daily exercise is not getting my weight down... but then I do like eating. Still, just under 14 stone isn't too bad for a six footer.
  4. Blogger Jenni says @ 3:29 pm
    I love reading other people's chain of thought. It's interesting how we get from here to there.

    As for your question about what has changed in our diet and lifestyle, for me it's easy access to ice cream and sitting in front of the computer.
  5. Blogger B1RDIE Num Num says @ 8:47 pm
    Cats love Tuna. Tuna and crunchy bits.

    Of course, it could be that humans are gullible enough to think they do, and the cats just eat it coz its easier than hunting for a rat the same size as it!
  6. Blogger Soaring says @ 11:46 am
    I like big cats. In fact, I want a monster Maine Coon flavoured cat when I grow up and have my own house and stuff. And I promise to feed it lots, but it will already be a big cat anyway and not flabby, just LARGE, you know, like a wildcat. With much less teeth. And I can tickle it on the tummy and it will purr. And it will have a name like Mckenzie or Beckett or Archer or Badboy or Butch or Augustus or Tex or something like that...
  7. Blogger Lord Bargain says @ 1:50 pm
    this is no word of a lie.

    My cat has to go on a diet. She went to the vets this week and has to go back next week before going on some sort of crash weight loss programme otherwise her heart is going to pack up.

    big fat huffer ginger cat.

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