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tick tock tick tock part 1

Time flies, it really does. Especially when you least expect it. The Wedding is fast approaching, and I've yet to sort out a Suit for the big day. Went along to West London's Asian Wedding Exhibition near the new Wembley Stadium today. It was a hodge podge of stands and stalls. Saw some lovely decorative pieces, hopefully dearest Icy - who was there on her own Stall - got the hint that a few of them were absolutely DIVINE!

We picked the invite and handed over the internal sheet drafts. We have an olde style invite, and two additional cards for the family functions that a few people are invited to. The card is rather nice, a definite classy little number. There is now a need for me to get the Address Labels sorted. I'm thinking of using Avery paper and the downloadable templates. Those guys are super duper for giving away free templates to go with their paper. Now that's what I call great consumerism. I'm already going for their paper based on this fact alone. Wonder if anyone has any experience with this stuff? Any recommendations?

There were some awesome Chocolate Fountains on show. These were amazing. The chocolate tasted superb, and they just looked dreamy. Talk about a great guest toy.

It appears to be winter again. The weatherman says its going to snow later this week. I'm busy as heck at work, so most likely won't see it until the long commute home. God I hate walking home in the dark in the snow. Its treacherous as it is, let alone when the path is iced up.

Watched Gosford Park again. Its a class film. Love it.

Right, best get ready for CSI NY - 2nd episode. Ooh, I' love being common ;-)


  1. Blogger Damo says @ 9:47 am
    I'm not ashamed to say that I saw the Spongebob Squarepants Movie on Friday. I was advised that there was plenty in it to appeal to adults. There was.

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