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Man in motion

Brrr, its freezing tonight. A cold blitz arrives in West London.

Work is picking up, and I continue to wonder if I'm the only one who wants to do anything to make things work. Still, life goes on.

Instructed a Surveyor to go see the potential new house. Hopefully I don't get Gazumped or something evil like that.

Our glorious Mayor continues to set a prime example to everyone who wants to make rude comments to workers of a paper. Top bloke.

I'm awaiting the new episode of CSI - the original. Dont like Miami, but New York first episode was OK.

Mobile updates will be resumed now that I have gone back to using the Sony P900i for work.

That's all for today. St. Elmo is on fire...Gotta dash.


  1. Blogger Aravis says @ 5:32 am
    I don't like CSI Miami either, though I like the other two. I think it comes down to not liking the lead actor, Caruso, in my case.

    Hope all goes well with the survey of the house!

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