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Here we go again...

The week has been building up to today at work. Today we head off to another site, and babysit a conversion of an old system to a new system. Its an all night job, so we'll be locked in at this site all night, where the site is not designed to house people after hours. So a lack of food and drink, and heat will be the main features. Fantastic. Its back home on Monday afternoon, to hit the sack, and then wake for work again on Tuesday morning.

I went to see Oceans 12 with Icy last night. It was rather funny in parts, but it certainly was a pedestrian paced movie. What I discovered is that that Zeta-Jones bird is just really a money digger, trading up husbands and film roles to schmooze with the fancy lot a-list. Her role was rather pointless in the film, though some will argue it was necessary for the final twist. I frankly disagree, and think a better finale could have been cooked up if the screenplay writer had bothered to think a little. Still, some funny moments there.

Currently reading Secure Coding, since I believe if you are going to harp on about something, you bloody well need to know the basics of the subject otherwise you look like a tit. Whilst my peers snarfuffle at such low level detail, I think detailed understanding brings greater perception of the problem.

I won't rant about Bush or Blair or anything like that. I'll wait till it bubbles over.


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